From the Halls of Montezuma to the sands of Iraq. No Retreat, no Defeat and no surrender! Death with Honor for GOD, Country,Corps and Family.
 Without one plea, but that Thy blood was shed for me. Oh Lord I come I come. Just as I am and waiting not,oh Lamb of God I come I come. With nothing to offer but sinful self, wash me clean with your precious blood shed upon  calvary's cruel, cruel cross. Come into my heart and forever dwell with me.
Marine Corps Birthday: Nov. 10, 1775
"Semper Fi" to all who have worn the uniform and are still wearing it, "Semper Fi Marines"
"God Bless America"
Stand beside Her and guide Her with your strong and mighty hand. Put a hedge about Her and with your love uplift Her and let Her be a beacon to a lost and dying world and help Her to never forget you, is my humble prayer.
Just as I am!                                                                            
Deal With It!
terrorist setting himself on fire:
"Father Forgive Them"
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Jesus died that all might be free,can we do any less?
Solution to Immigration Problem:Buy Mexico,make it a state,then clean it  up.Give them full benefits including paying taxes! Pray for America!
The way of a Dictator leads to a Downfall always!
Flag raising "IWO JIMA"   
"Rapture and Second Coming"
The Rapture and the Second Coming,probably the two most controversial subjects in all of Scripture,even for those who are true believers.It should not be for God is clear in His Word as to the upcoming events.Will try in my finite human mind to make them clearer with the help of God's Word and the leadership of His blessed Holy Spirit.First two questions must be answered about the Rapture? (1)Will there even be a Rapture of the Church? (2)If so what is the sole purpose of the Rapture? The O.T. does not mention it, but it is shown in type and picture,examples being Noah and Ark,Elijah,Elisha and Enoch.The Rapture is first mentioned in scripture in the book of John:14:1-3The major Rapture passage is, 1Thes. 4:13-18 along with 1Corn.15:51-52 and vv.53-58.(3) The sole purpose of the Rapture is to take the Church from earth to Heaven to avoid the "Wrath of God".(4)The N.T. indicates that the Rapture is different from the Second Coming.(a)First:The Rapture is a movement from Earth to Heaven that will occur before the 7 year tribulation period,while the Second Coming is a movement from Heaven to Earth that takes place at the end of the Tribulation Period. (b)Secondly:The doctrine of the Rapture is a simple one.Prophecies regarding the Rapture make no mention of angels or attending hosts,and no mention of a judgement on Earth to follow the Rapture.The Second Coming,however ,is a complex event that,is described in Rev.19:11-16, will take place over many hours as a gigantic procession of millions of Saints  and angels move from Heaven to Earth.(c)Finally:In all of the passages concerning the Rapture,a preceding event is never mentioned.In  fact the only reference to the timing of the Rapture is that it must occur prior to the Tribulation(The Wrath of God),1Thes. 1:10 and 1Thes.5:9,yet those passages that describe Christ's return list many events that must take place before The Second Coming can occur.Christ's description of His Second Coming is recorded in Matt.24 and Rev.chaps.6-18 and provides many details about the events of the Tribulation Period that precede it.Scripture uniformly presents the Rapture as an imminent event,one that can occur at any time,though that time is not known.The Second Coming on the other hand,is by no means imminent:The prophecies of events described as preceding The Second Coming must first be literally fulfilled.
The imminent nature of the Rapture not only confronts individuals with the challenge to receive Christ before it is too late;It also challenges Christians to live with eternal values in view.Since the Rapture can occur at any moment and believers lives on Earth will thus be cut short,we need to maximize our commitment to Christ,doing all we can for the Lord in doing upright living and service to Him and to others.While many future prophetic events are of great importance,The Rapture should be first and foremost in the heart and mind of one who is a true believer and member of the Church,the Body of Christ.Hopefully this article on the Rapture and the Second Coming will be of benefit to those who read it,both believers and those who are lost and need an arrow to point them in the right direction,which of course is Jesus Christ! With true Christian love for all who visit my web site!James Gary Grant AKA jcurlysarge!   
To those who have  given their lives for freedom's cause and those who are still  wearing the uniform of our great nation today.May God watch over and protect  them with His strong and mighty hand.God Bless the U.S.A. Pray for Peace!
 "First to Fight for Right and  Freedom,Land,Air and Sea"
"Supreme Commander in Chief"               
For those of us who are saved and are members of the Church of Jesus Christ,also known as the Body of Christ,we have a Supreme Commander.He is known as Almighty God.Our Commanding Officer is Jesus Christ the only begotten Son of God,and our Company Co. is the blessed Holy Spirit of God.These three form the Godhead commonly known as the Holy Trinity.They, all being Jesus,who is God.We are endowed with all of the power of the Godhead when we are saved.The Holy Spirit indwells a believer and is teacher and leader in the ways of God. All things are possible for a believer when they Love,Obey and Trust God.AMEN
"Jesus Saves" "Jesus Saves" "Jesus Saves" Whosoever calls upon His name shall be saved!
 "God Bless America"    Gaither vocal band
"These colors don't run"
American Flag:$19.95- Lighter:$3.95-Gasoline:$2.50 
This will be the only fire that gets next to our Flag!