"Once a Marine, Always a Marine"
As a young boy I dreamed of being a Marine.
Proudly I wore the uniform of green.
Many a battle I won in play games of war.
Fought in strange lands distant and far.
Then I became a man and soon a Marine.
At age eighteen I put on my uniform of green.
With great pride I pledged the Oath.
To always defend God and Country both.
At age twenty-eight I took part in my first war.
What once was a game became more dangerous by far.
Now at age sixty-seven I remain a proud Marine.
For "Once a Marine, always a Marine".
So for God and Country I'll serve till I die.
Going onward and upward with the bold cry"SEMPER FI".
How true the saying "Once a Marine always a Marine".
So I say "SEMPER FI" to all who serve God and carry the title U.S. Marine.                                                                                                                                Poem by:James Gary Grant        

Hut two three four marching off to war sounds of boots in unison.
Young men and old alike even women to the drumbeat of wars season.
Battles  fought on fields both near and far with the battle cry OORAH, OORAH!
Where armies come together death and destruction their main intent.
Skirmishes fought on foreign soil ever with the cry OORAH, OORAH!
Bloodstained soil and whether enemy or not the stain still red.
Bleeding and wounded and dying no matter the side still dead.
Forces pitted against one another and whether us or enemy both human.
Earth such a tiny speck in God's vast universe.
Battles waged and watched by Angels on high who sit and wonder just why.
Maybe someday battles in far off space with enemies not quite human.
Whose battle cry though so much unlike us might very well be OORAH, OORAH.
So off we go into battle both near and far with our battle cry OORAH, OORAH.
America the free,America home of the brave for how long OORAH, OORAH.                                                                                        Poem by: James Gary Grant 
Age: 18
Age: 79
"Love kept Him on the Cross for Me"
       "A Fruitful Life"
There are three conditions of a fruitful life: (1) Cleansing Jn. 15: 2-3 (2) Abiding Jn.15:4,  and (3) Obedience Jn.15:10-12.
To abide in Christ is,on the one hand,to have no known sin unjudged and unconfessed,no interest into which He is not brought, no life which He cannot share.On the other hand,the abiding one takes all burdens to Him,and draws all wisdom,life,and strength from Him.It is not unceasing consciousness of these things,and of Him,but that nothing is allowed in the life which separates one from Him. May God Bless!                
"Four Degrees of  Fruit Bearing"               
(1) No fruit,beareth not fruit Jn.15:2.
(2) Beareth fruit, Jn.15:2.
(3) Beareth more fruit,Jn.15:2.
(4) Beareth much fruit,Jn.15:5,8.
As we bear "much fruit" the Father is glorified in us.The fruit may be converts.Roms.1:3;  Christian character-the fruit of the Spirit.Gal.5:22-23;and conduct- the fruits of righteousness.Roms.6:21-22; Phil.1:11.The moralities and graces of Christianity,which are the fruits of the Spirit,are often imitated but never duplicated.
Observe the progressive intimacy between the Lord and His disciples, as recorded in John's Gospel:(1) servants(15:13);(2)friends (15:15);and (3) brethren (20:17).
"Young Marine"  
"Older Marine"   
"Lest we Forget"
One birth I cannot remember and One I can never forget!               
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In all branches of the military of the U.S.A. all personnel are at some time in their career sent on combat missions.They can end in victory or defeat,continued life or even death.Those who are active members of the U.S. military regardless of which branch Army,Air Force, Marine Corps ,Navy, Coast Guard and the National Guard swear an oath of  allegiance to Country and God that they will  serve with honor to the point of giving their very lives for their Country.This is a commitment to physical  combat for their Nation. We who are saved and followers of Jesus also pledge allegiance to our Supreme Commander God who is the one we follow,Jesus Christ.Physical Combat can at most end in death,whereas the combat we are engaged in as true believers will determine the final destination  of mans eternal soul, the end being one of two places, "Heaven or Hell" and it is a decision which can only be made by each person alone, him or her and not by any one else,not even Almighty God Himself,so it behooves each of us to make the right choice. I pray that every person who reads this will make the right choice and meet me in Heaven. jcurlysarge!   
Natural Birth which comes first.We have have no control over this birth. Spiritual Birth the one which we have a choice in and the one which determines our Eternal Destiny.Heaven or Hell! Your choice!
Support the fight against Breast CancerSupport the fight against Breast Cancer
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Jn.3:16-For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish,  but have        everlasting life.
Acts4:12-Neither is there salvation in   any other; for there is none other name  under heaven given  among men whereby we must  be saved.     "JESUS CHRIST"      
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 "He died Just for Me,He did it all  for Me"
Pray for a cure and for those who have it!
I'm not perfect,just forgiven.Next time you think you're Perfect,try walking on water.
"Semper Fi"
"Holy Spirit"
"Walk Through This World With Me"
  Linda Zoe Grant
What do you see when you look into your mirror in the morning? Do you see your true self or do you see the you that you want those who you come into contact with to see? Do others see the you that Jesus wants you to be or the you that you want to be? Notice that I use the plural of  mirror for my title.The reason for this is because there is a far more important mirror that we as believers must look into daily. It is known as the mirror of our soul.One mirror reveals the physical you and the other reveals the spiritual you. One out of habit looks into the physical mirror hanging on the wall numerous times a day. Far more important is how many times we utilize our spiritual mirror,or the mirror of our soul. The mirror of your soul reflects ones true self  and it also reflects Jesus Christ in the life of  a true believer.Mirror,Mirror on the wall "Who am I"? Is Jesus reflected in my life? When one looks into the physical mirror,he sees his own worst enemy staring back at him.Self does far more damage than even Satan himself! May God Bless!
Purple Heart
" Sacrifice"
"Born Twice"
"Marriage" God's Math,one + one = one.
A Blackhole"
Not one in outer space, but  one in inner space. A hole in the heart of one without Jesus!
  American by Birth!
     Marine by choice!
"1937 to present"
"Semper Fidelis"
"1955 to 1969"