"Highway To Heaven"
(AKA-The Roman Road)
You won't find it on any map,but a Highway to Heaven does exist.AKA  "The Roman Road",and it is fully explained in the book of Romans found in the Bible and it reveals the one and only way to get to Heaven.The road begins at Romans chap.1:16"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ:  For it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth."God is the source for our journey to Heaven.He gives power for salvation to all who believe. We need God's Power because we have a problem with sin.Roms. 4:23"For all have sinned ,and come short of the Glory of God".Sin means missing the mark or missing God's intended destination for us.No one can reach that destination on his or her own,because everyone is a sinner.When we work,we earn wages or money.Sin earns wages as well-the wages of sin are death.Because God loves all sinners,He has provided the way;Romans 6:23 "For the wages of sin is death,but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord".The Highway to Heaven is found in Roms. 10:9 "If  thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus,and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead,thou shalt be saved".We need to confess our sin and ask God for forgiveness.To confess Jesus as Lord involves agreeing with God about your sin and your need for salvation.You must repent of your sin,turning away from the direction in life in which you are going. To "believe in your heart" is to place your faith in Jesus trusting that He died on the cross to pay for your sins. Romans 5:8 "But God commendeth His love toward us ,in that,while we were yet sinners,Christ died for us".If you would like to have salvation in Jesus Christ,sincerely pray a prayer  like this one: "Dear God, I confess to you my sin and acknowledge my need for salvation.I turn away from my sin and place my faith in Jesus as my Savior and Lord.So simple,even a child can understand. AMEN!                                                     
"Living By Faith"
Faith : The substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Though Faith cannot be seen the substance or actions of  that Faith are very visible and are the evidence of that Faith which cannot be seen.  Love cannot be seen except through the actions of  that love when it is freely given.One must strive to Love as Jesus loved and He loved even unto  death.Living by Faith should be the aim of every child of God,anything less misses the mark and will not please a Loving and merciful God. AMEN!
"Method of Salvation"
Ephesians:2:8-9 "For by Grace are ye saved through faith:and that not of  yourselves,it is the gift of God.                                                                         
So my friends to reach that place called Heaven one must go by way of the "Roman Road" which begins with a place called Calvary and the accomplished work of a Man called Jesus,who in reality was the Son of God.He died once for all upon the Cross of Calvary a one time for all eternity deal. That is provided you believe and accept His sacrifice upon that cross.Any other way put forth by man is a slippery slope into a Devil's hell for an eternity of torment.My prayer for each and everyone who visits my web site is that they come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. AMEN!
"Heavenly Roadmap"
"Salvation is Required for   one to Travel this Road"    
There is only One Way, One Truth and One Life,JESUS is the One Way,the One Truth and the One Life!
Jn.14:6- Jesus saith unto him, I am the way,the truth,   and the life: no man cometh unto the Father,but by me.
Hell is just as real as Heaven, accept Jesus as your Savior and make Him your Lord! Get your ticket for Heaven now! No ticket required for Hell!
"Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth"
God in His infinite wisdom and Grace,placed within His Holy Word many number's, some of  which have a very significant meaning and some of which are simply numbers. The ones which are significant are crucial in one's study and understanding of the Word of Truth,the Holy Bible or the writings of the nation of Israel pertaining to the Word of God.God being the "Great I Am'" and the "Master Mathematician". He placed within His Word a mathematical formula for man with his finite mind to use to better understand the Word of God."Elohim" the name by which He is first called in the Holy Scriptures it is a Singular noun with plural meaning in reference to God and His Deity.Following is God's Mathematical Formula for the study of His Holy Word. (1) Addition: Rev.22:18-Don't add to.Up to us. (2) Subtraction: Rev.22:19-Don't subtract from.Up to us. (3) Division:2nd.Tim. 2:15-Study to show thyself approved unto God,a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth.Up to us. (4) Multiplication: 2Pet.1-2-Leave the multiplication up to God,who is the only one that is able to bless someone. If we take care of the first three,God will richly bless us in our Bible study and give us the wisdom to use the  knowledge we learn from His Word.Addition,and subtraction are simple forms of  math  which we as humans learn at an early age in school.Division is more complicated and much  harder for us to learn or even comprehend.In reality the key to all Bible study and Bible  understanding comes from one learning what Paul means when he tells us to rightly divide the Word of Truth,which is the whole of the Bible from Gen.1 to Rev.22.To rightly divide the Word of truth(Bible) one must understand that the Bible contains eight covenants and seven dispensations. Basically one must know when the Bible is speaking and to whom it is speaking.What covenant it is speaking under and which dispensation it is speaking in, under law or under Grace.From the giving of the law to Moses on Mount Sinai to the death of Christ on Calvary is under law.Christ when He arose and sent the Holy Spirit ushered in the "Age of Grace in which we are no longer under Law,which was a taskmaster to make us aware of our sin.Once Grace came in it fulfilled the law and  we as the Church of Jesus Christ,Known as the Body of Christ are no longer under law,but under Grace.The law was not done away with and we are still to obey it.It cannot save, only God's Amazing Grace  through the shed blood of His Only Begotten Son(Jesus Christ) can save the soul of man.The Church of Jesus Christ began with 12 apostles and now there are millions of true believers.Once one learns when the Bible is speaking they must learn how to determine to whom it is speaking.The Bible in the O.T. speaks to a nation(Israel) the gentile nations, families,such as Abraham and his family,the prophets such as Isaiah,Jeremiah and Daniel,individuals such as David and Saul. In the N.T. under Grace the Bible addresses three groups of people,Israel,the gentiles and the Church and it addresses two classes of people, saved sinners and lost sinners, For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.When asked if I am a Christian,my answer is,I am a sinner saved by Grace trying to live up to the title of Christian.I can say I am a  Christian because I have accepted Jesus as my Savior and Lord and follow Him,but not because I am Christ like,and if I had to say anyone that walked this earth other than Jesus  Christ was Christ like it would be the Apostle Paul and only because He was steadfast in his devotion to his calling as a true Man of God. Once again I will quote what I consider to be a commandment."I call it the 11th Commandment", 2nd.Tim.2:15-Study to show thyself approved unto God,a workman that needeth not to be ashamed,rightly dividing the Word of Truth.This article requires that you look for the covenants and dispensations and study the Word of Truth.I could give you all of the information,but that would take all of the fun out of looking for it on your own.I give you a recommendation instead,get the 1967 edition of the Scofield reference Bible authorized KJV. May God Bless! jcurlysarge AKA  Gary Grant.                    
"Semper Fi"
"If that don't make you want to go"
" The Isaacs"
God's Power on display!
V.9-"Not of works",lest any man should boast. 
" The Watchman"
Ezeke:3:17- Son of man,I have made thee a watchman unto the House of Israel;therefore,hear the word at My mouth,and give them warning from Me.
Jesus came into this world appointed by God to be the Watchman to the nation of Israel,which from the
beginning was rebellious and disobedient to God.Israel worked in a never ending cycle,in God's will and 
then out of God's will.Had the nation of Israel accepted God's will and received Jesus as their Messiah,
the death of Jesus on the cross of Calvary would not have been necessary.Salvation would have come to 
man through the nation of Israel.Jesus Himself said,Mt.15:24-"I come only unto the lost sheep of the
house of Israel". When Jesus was rejected and crucified His ministry became that of Savior of the world.
In the body of Christ,"the Church",Jesus has set some as "Watchman"of the Church.They are those who 
are knowledgeable in His word and have the wisdom to handle it and teach it in a way that is pleasing to
God.One of the major requirements for one to be a Watchman is the ability to rightly divide the word of
truth as Paul instructs us to do in 2Tim.2:15. Just as Jesus as the"Son of Man"was sent to the nation of 
Israel as the "Watchman." Jesus today sets some in the church as a"Watchman" and they may be the 
Pastor,a Deacon,a teacher or even an individual member of the congregation. May God Bless!
The only thing that is worse than a quitter is the person  who is afraid to begin.
Success comes in cans; Failure comes in can'ts.
A person is not finished when they are defeated, they are finished when  they quit.
The secret for success is to start from scratch and  keep on scratching.
"GOD and the Atheist"
An Atheist died one day and found himself standing before the Great White Throne of judgement.Upon
which sat Almighty God Himself.With eyes as piercing as laser beams and His word was sharper than a 
two edged sword and His hair whiter than snow. GOD looks at the Atheist and says you have the floor
make your plea.The Atheist says well GOD nowhere in your Holy Bible do you mention Atheist or the 
belief of Atheism,Why? God looks at the Atheist with his piercing eyes,and says,because I don't believe
in them.But you are so wrong,I mention you many times in My Word with terms lik ungodly,Godless and 
Fool. I specifically mention you in Psalm 14:1-"The Fool has said in his heart there is no God,they are
corrupt,they have done abominable works,there is none that doeth good." Sound familiar? I also gave 
sufficient evidence to prove My existence,creation,My Holy Word and finally I sacrificed My only Son on
the Cross of Calvary.You have seen me in creation,you have read about me in My Holy Word and many
other books written about Me.Now I require that you give Me evidence that I do not exist.You cannot give
Me evidence that I do not exist and a believer though he has the evidence cannot prove that I do exist.It  
is a simple matter of faith,of which I gave every human a measure of,yours has remained dormant,while
those who believe in me have exercised their faith.Finally GOD says,why are we having this conversation,

you don't believe in Me and I surely don't believe in you!Fool is the perfect word to describe you,having a
conversation with someone you don't believe in.Depart from Me,I have known you from the foundation of
the World,but you have never known Me.Go your way and join Satan and his angels in an eternal Hell
where the Worm (soul) dieth not.Ponder in your mind for endless ages why you are in a fiery burning 
Hell.which you also do not believe exists.P.S. Belief in something does not mean it exists and non-belief
does not mean that it does not exist.I would like for you to consider two of My wondrous creations.The 
bumble bee and the lightening bug.The bumble bee which according to the Laws of Nature and science,

cannot fly.Also consider the Fire Fly or lightening bug.I stuck a light on His rear end just to make little
children laugh and you adults to.Always remember being GOD I have the final say,so depart from Me 
this conversation is over,had you made the right decision and believed in Me we could be meeting in
Heaven.No, I'm sorry you cannot change your mind now,it is too late now.Hell is a terrible place and you
will be there for Eternity and that is a very long time to be wrong.In conclusion I love you in spite of the 
fact that you don't believe I exist.If I don't exist that must mean that you are sending yourself to Hell.
As an afterthought I don't send anyone to Hell,it is a choice made by each individual when they reject My
Son Jesus Christ,who died for the sins of all of Mankind.One must choose wisely in this life because it
determines where one will spend eternity,Hell is a terrible place and eternity is a very long time.
"God's Stop Signs"
Within God's holy word are found many "Stop Signs" which are put there for our benefit and also for our safety.
In this article we will take a look at four of God's stop signs. Like the road signs placed on our highways are for our  safety,so are the signs God has placed in His Holy Word.The first stop sign we will look at is in the book of Genesis
when God told Adam and Eve to stop don't eat the fruit.Gen.2:17. Another example is when God through Moses tells
tells Pharaoh to stop and let His people go,that they may serve Me.There are many more of God's stop signs in the
in the O.T.,but now we are going to fast forward and look at two in the N.T. found in the book of John.The first 
one in John 8:7 where Jesus in essence tells the Pharisees to stop throwing stones at the woman caught in the act of
adultery.My question is where was the man,was he not caught in the same act? In John 8:11 He tells the woman
caught in the act of adultery to stop sinning. I have given just four of God's "Stop Signs".It behooves us to know 
all of God's "Stop Signs" and to heed them for the consequences may be too terrible to bear. God has placed 
warning and stop signs throughout His Holy Word, we need to stop,look and obey! They are there for our benefit.May God Bless!
Sanctify and Sanctification
Sanctify: It means to be set apart for God's service.It takes place the moment that you are saved.
Sanctification: It is a work in process through out your Christian life. It is accomplished 
by the shed blood of Jesus,by the written word of Jesus and by the Holy Spirit of Jesus. 
Jesus being the blood donor,the author of the written word and the sender of His Holy  
Spirit.Jesus can be your all in all,the answer to all your questions and all of your problems.
Try Jesus He is the onlyright choice,reject Him and spend eternity in hell.It is your choice as to where you will spend your eternal life,Heaven or Hell! Just remember 
 "Eternity is a long time to be wrong" May God Bless!
" To know true peace one must walk daily with the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ".
"The Point of no Return"
Beware there is a point of no return! The fact that there is a point of no return must first be established! The bible
very clearly establishes that there is a point of no return very early in scripture. In Gen.6:3 God Himself makes the 
following statement  Gen.6:3- And the LORD said,My Spirit shall not always strive with man,for that he also is flesh:
Notice that the statement is made by God,also the verse begins with and,which is a point back or connecting word.
These words tell us that what is being said or done is because of what has been said or done.Gen. chap.1 thru 5 tell us 
about the creation of man and his fall due to sin introduced by Satan in the Garden of Eden.Cain rebelled against God
and killed his brother.God always deals with man through His Son by His Holy Spirit! Total rejection of God's Holy
Spirit is "The Point of no Return" which is both a place and a time.When that time and place is reached is known only
to God and the individual! 2 Cor.6:2b-now is the accepted time; Behold now is the  day of salvation,.To avoid the point 
 of no return one only has to accept Jesus as their Savior when the Holy Spirit comes calling! May Jesus Bless!