"The Marine's Prayer"                                                   Almighty Father, whose command is over all and whose love never fails, make me aware of thy presence and  obedient to Thy will. Keep me true to my best self, guarding me against dishonesty in purpose and deed and helping me to live so that I can face my fellow Marine's,my loved ones and Thee without shame or fear.Protect my Family. Give me  the will to do the work of a Marine and to accept my share of responsibilities with vigor and enthusiam. Grant me the courage to be proficient in my daily performance.Keep me loyal  and Faithful to my superiors and to the duties my Country and the Marine Corps have entrusted to me.Make me considerate of those committed to my leadership.Help me to wear my uniform with dignity,and let it remind me daily of the traditions which I must uphold.If I am inclined to doubt, steady my Faith; if I am tempted, make me strong to resist; if I should miss the mark, give me courage to try again.Guide me with the light of Truth and  grant me wisdom by which I may understand  the answer to my prayer. Amen                                                                                                         
Origin of "jarhead"~~A military slang for a member of the United States Marine Corps, i.e., a Marine.The slang originated during World War II when the Mason Jar Company started making their helmets,and refers to the similarity that the shape of the helmet shares with a jar as well as the typical haircut new recruits were given.
 "His Will to  Do"
"A Marine's Thoughts on God, Country and Family"
Book by James Gary Grant
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From the hills and valleys of Tennessee.
Brave Warriors of the 278th went, Iraqis to free.
Their families with love watched them depart.
Though now far apart they ever remain in their heart.
With love each one daily will pray.
That their loved ones safe will stay.
With each and every passing day.
They'll pray that through it all God will have His way.
And that one day soon in Iraq the victory we will win.
And back home with family they'll be once again.
So brave warriors of the 278th.
Fight on and ever keep the Faith.
And while God watches from on high.
This old Marine sends you a proud  "SEMPER FI."
And trust in His redeeming blood,and try my best His will to do.                                                                  Poem by: Linda Zoe Grant
"His blood shed upon Calvary assures Salvation for all"
  "Semper  Fi Marines"
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 " Influence"
Influence comes in two forms,Positive(Love)and Negative(Hate),and every one falls into one of the two categories.Influential is something you do not choose to be,you are simply because you are either a hater or a lover.From the very beginning of time,even before the foundation of the world hate came into being through the person of Lucifer,a being of high standing in Heaven,in fact he was known as the covering angel.Lucifer through pride thought he was as God and made five I will statements and even declared himself to be above even God Almighty.His pride and hatred got him expelled from Heaven and cast down to earth,where he influenced both Adam and Eve to commit the first human sin.Today we know of Lucifer as Satan or the Devil.There are those who wield great influential power today and it is still a Love-Hate conflict.Most of us only influence a small sphere such as Family and Friends,whereas there are those who influence Nations and  some even have world influence.Some examples of world influence from both sides of the conflict.First we will look at hate,Hitler, Mussolini and most recently the North Korean dictator Kim IL Jung,spelling mine and may be wrong!While on the Love side we have,Billy Graham,Mother Teresa and of course we have the single most influential person of all time, my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ,who has influence in both Love and Hate,for you either Love Him or you Hate Him.He said to His disciples the world hated me before it hated you.The question is not whether you are an Influence,but what kind are you ,Love or Hate? Influence someone for God today!"Be all you can be" for Love.  May God Bless!
"What and Who Jcurlysarge is"
First and foremost,I am a sinner saved by Grace,through and by the shed blood of Jesus Christ upon the Cross of Calvary.By believing and accepting God's free gift of His Love  Salvation,at no charge!Am retired Army 28yrs.with 14 yrs.prior U.S.M.C. time  for a total of 42yrs.military service to my country.What I believe doctrinally is Biblical.(1)God is God,  always was and always will be.(2)God's word is true  inerrant,and totally and completely without error or mistake.It should be read and taken literally,when possible.If literal sense makes good sense, seek no other sense for you have found the true sense.It is and should be read and studied literally.To fully understand God's word,one must learn what 2Tim.2:15 is saying about the study of God's word and rightly dividing the word.When it is speaking,and to whom it is speaking.(a) When: Before the Cross or after the Cross.(b)To whom: The Bible addresses three groups of people.(1)The Jew,(2) he Church and (3) The Gentiles and it addresses two classes of people.(1)The Lost and (2)The saved. What God thinks about His word is found in Psalm 138:2, will require you to do a little work of your own here and look it up.Jesus Himself says search the scriptures and you  will find Me. Here is a mathematical formula for the study of God's word.(1)Don't add to Rev.22:18 (2)Don't subtract from Rev.22:19(3)Rightly divide 2Tim.2:15(4)  Let God do the multiplication 1Pet.1;2To sum up what jcurlysarge believes(1)God is (2)His Son Jesus is(3)His Holy Spirit is and together they are God who is Jesus. (4)Jesus was born of virgin birth.(5)He lived a sinless life of perfection.(6)He was crucified on the Cross of Calvary. (7)Arose on the ending of the third day or just prior to the beginning of the fourth day (8)Ascended back to His home in Heaven where He sits at His Fathers right hand.(9)He Is returning in a two part event,the Rapture of the Church Prior to the Tribulation period and after seven yrs.,He will come back in His second coming with all of the Saints in Heaven to fight the big battle of Armageddon.Win and then set up His Millennial Reign,at the end will be the Great White Throne where all of lost mankind will be judged and then man is condemned to an Eternal Hell,then begins the Eternal Ages which we know little or nothing about. I am a rightly dividing,pre-Trib.rapture believing,pre-Millennial Second  coming, Dispensationalist, by Grace a saved sinner.I believe that God's altar is open to all of the lost regardless of race,color or creed and the only thing that will keep you out of Heaven is unbelief! This is written from a heart of Love for all,and I hope to see all of you in Heaven. Jcurlysarge! 
"Flag raising"   "Iwo Jima"
"Change of Command"
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278th ACR, Tn. 2006
Poem by: James Gary Grant
This web site is dedicated wholly to my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ and the main goal is to assist in the winning of lost souls for the cause of Jesus Christ. It is an Internet Ministry of a saved Marine! James Gary Grant! God Bless those who visit this site and may He save the lost who come here! All are welcome!
"Brave Warriors of the 278th"
" Leadership"
"Parade Rest"
3rdMarDiv 1965-1966
There is a hill,outside a city wall.
Where my dear Lord was crucified,died there to save all.
I do not know,I cannot tell,what pain He had to bare.
But I know it was for me,He hung and suffered there.
He died that I could be forgiven,He died to set me free.
So I could go to live in Heaven,forever and eternally.
There was no other good enough,to pay the price for sin.
Only He could unlock the gate,of Heaven and let me in.
How deeply and dearly has He Loved me,and I must love Him too.
"The Question is Why"?Why do atheists who say they don't  Believe in God spend so much time trying to prove it and get others to believe them! If God does not exist,so be it,no big deal.On the other hand,if He does exist,big deal! Terrible   consequences,result Hell! On  the other hand results beyond human belief! Life for Eternity,in Heaven with Jesus!
Why I am a Christian! Because I have enough Faith to Believe Jesus Christ died for me on Calvary!
"Prayer Warriors"
"United States Marine Corps  Silent Drill Team"
"Beep,Beep buy a Jeep"
It is 11:59 on God's time clock do you know where your Children are going to spend Eternity??????
Don't walk behind me I may not lead,don't walk in front of me I may not follow,walk beside me and be my friend! Jesus Blesses!
1955-1969 Semper Fi
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